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With devices for the entire practice workflow from steam sterilizers, thermal disinfectors and water treatment units to products for the storage of sterile goods and documentation of this, we want to make our customers’ work safer and more efficient. Through our daily work we protect patients and practice teams to an even greater extent against infections. We do not make any compromises and we guarantee the best quality “made in Germany”.

With our more than 160 excellently trained engineers working exclusively in the area of our core competencies today, we have succeeded in convincing our demanding customers all over the world with our high quality standards, high safety, reliability and the system properties of our products, which can be integrated in the best possible way.

As a global leader with more than 65 years of experience in the field of hygiene, we invest almost 25% of our revenue into research and development to further develop our products and develop new, ever more innovative products that contribute to a decrease in the risk of infection as a result of treatments and therefore make a significant contribution to global health.

  • 2021
    The worldwide unique 4in1 Solution Careclave

    Careclave. The revolutionary 4in1 Solution for instrument reprocessing.

    The entire process of instrument reprocessing in only one device. A vision that we followed more than 9 years ago and turned from an idea into our worldwide unique innovation: Careclave. As an worldwide unique 4in1 Solution Careclave combines all reprocessing steps: cleaning & disinfection, lubrication, sterilization and documentation and approval. Following the motto „Time to care“ Careclave protects not only patients and staffthrough ideal reprocessing results but also the valuable instruments. And additionally prevents wear and corrision of the instruments through optimal lubrication. This makes Careclave a unique device concept that enables practices and clinics to save time, money and space in instrument reprocessing and to make daily workflows more efficient. After extensive internal and external quality checks of Careclave, a variety of test practices started integrating and using Careclave in 2019. On the 13th of January 2021 we introduced Careclave to the german market as part of our MELAG Online-Keynote and since then, Careclave has been inspiring practices by bringing together what belongs together.


  • 2019

    MELAtherm 10 Evolution. The evolutionary leap for automatic cleaning and disinfection.

    Today and in the future smart multimedia solutions for modern instrument reprocessing are required. The development of MELAtherm 10 Evolution represents a further step towards the digital decontamination room: a large brilliant smart-touch display for intuitive operating and viewing of helpful tutorial videos, remote monitoring to check the program progress from anywhere in the practice, ProControl for paperless batch approval directly on the device. In addition to these innovative features and proven MELAtherm product highlights, the Evolution series washer disinfector performs 44 percent better cleaning with the AquaBoost technolgy.

  • 2017

    The Premium-Class Evolution. Powerful steam sterilizers with sustainable product features.

    In line with the increasing interest in environmentally friendly instrument decontamination, MELAG provides the highly efficient Premium-Class Evolution autoclaves for a resource-saving sterilization. The Vacuklav steam sterilizers of the Premium-Class Evolution are among the most efficient and cost-saving in their class whith the patented DRYtelligence technology, which reduces drying times by up to 80 percent and the sleep mode button to put the device into the power saving mode at one push of a button. Extra fast operating times and increased load capacity significantly speed up the sterilization process.

  • 2015
    Top view MELAstore tray

    MELAstore. From device provider to process optimizer.

    With the market introduction of MELAstore, MELAG takes the next logical step to system provider and process optimiser for the entire field of instrument decontamination. In the MELAstore trays, configured treatment sets can be prepared quickly, economically and thoroughly in the thermal disinfector. Following an optical check, the MELAstore trays are placed in the specially developed MELAstore boxes and sterilized in these boxes. After sterilization these can be stored in a manner protected from contamination for up to six months. This increases the quality, prevents against injuries and saves money.

  • 2014
    Front view MELAdes 600 hand disinfection set

    MELAdes. Disinfectants by specialists for disinfection and sterilization.

    In line with the desire expressed by many practices, MELAG offers a high quality system made up of disinfectants that is good value for money for the field of hand, surface and instrument disinfection and is now a system provider for the entire field of practice hygiene.

  • 2013
    Front view MELAtrace display with hygiene system cycle

    MELAtrace. The digital revolution in the field of documentation and tracing.

    MELAG is the first provider in the world to offer cross-system documentation, approval and tracing software for the entire field of instrument decontamination. With app impression and touch operation, MELAtrace wins out over other products, particularly because of its easy operation, and after a short time became the gold standard in the field of documentation.

  • 2013
    Front view MELAseal 200 sealing device

    MELAseal 200. Compact sealing device with parameter monitoring and documentation.

    By this point, MELAG already had more than 30 years of experience in the development of sealing devices. With the MELAseal 200, MELAG now satisfies the desire of many practices and hygiene experts in the field of sealing devices with a good value, efficient solution for process monitoring and documentation of the sealing processes. The innovative technology became a benchmark for other providers in this field after a short amount of time.

  • 2013
    Front view Cliniclave large steam sterilizer

    Cliniclave 45. Four new stars in the large sterilizer market.

    There is modular device generation for hospitals, large practices and outpatient centres for the first time anywhere in the world. The four autoclaves in the new Cliniclave series offer very short operating times with excellent drying results, an XXL colour touch display and integrated software for documentation and approval. Like the Premium-Class, the innovative water ring pump has an effective water saving system. Another milestone is the innovative concept with chamber sizes of 1 or 2 STU (100-200 litres) and the option of the double-door “hatch” device (loading in a non-clean area, removal in a clean area).

  • 2010
    Front view MELAtherm 10 washer-disinfector

    MELAtherm. The groundbreaking pathway in the field of cleaning and disinfection.

    After a development time of almost 10 years with several highly specialised development teams, with the MELAtherm thermal disinfector MELAG offers a world first in the field of disinfecting and cleaning instruments before sterilization. A device with integrated dosing, documentation, drawer for process agents and practice – optimised preparation chambers is available to practices for the first time. The use of MELAG thermal disinfectors and autoclaves gives medical and dental practices the option to use systems that are tailored to one another.

  • 2009
    Front view Premium autoclave with XXL colour touch display

    The Premium-Plus-Class. First practice autoclave with XXL colour touch display.

    In order to make work and the operation of the premium autoclave even easier and more efficient, MELAG equipped the autoclaves from the Premium-Class presented in 2004 with a particularly large colour touch display and gave the electronics integrated software for the documentation, approval, labelling and tracing of instrument decontamination. Another milestone on the way to making instrument decontamination safer and also better value.

  • 2004
    Diagonal view Premium autoclave

    The Premium-Class. Record operating times accelerate instrument decontamination.

    How can existing procedures be made better and safer? The newly presented Premium-Class autoclaves have the twin chamber technology that has been patented since 2003 and combines particularly quick operating times with particularly safe sterilization. To date, the price, complexity and installation space required meant this technology was only common in the hospital sector. The MELAG engineers were able to refine this technology and make it available in the small devices. The Premium-Class autoclaves were the first practice sterilizers in the world to have LAN interfaces enabling documentation via the practice network.

  • 1995
    Front view Vacuklav 31 autoclave

    Vacuklav 31. Greater safety through fractionated pre-vacuum in practice autoclaves.

    How can even complex loads such as tools with long hollow spaces or textiles be sterilized in private medical and dental practices? With the highly innovative practice autoclave Vacuklav 31, MELAG brought the technology of the large hospital sterilizers into the private and dental sectors for the first time, thereby enabling an equivalent level of sterilization to be achieved in private practice as in hospitals. The small sterilizer with a fractionated vacuum process, built in series for the first time, manages without cold water for the first time and was developed in accordance with the principles of EN 13060. The equipment of the Vacuklav 31 with a patented, air-cooled vacuum system makes this autoclave a particularly high-performance, reliable device.

  • 1993
    Front view Type 25 autoclave

    MELAG type 25. MELAG - quality now in hospitals too.

    The cost situation in hospitals led to an outsourcing of increasing numbers of surgical operations to outpatient surgical clinics. The demand for practice-oriented large sterilizers (chamber volumes 80-100 litres) increased as a result, and with the type 25 MELAG provides a compact, high-performance large sterilizer in accordance with EN 285 for this area. The innovative construction with a patented internal steam generation and automatic conductivity measurement are just a few reasons for the major success of the type 25 in surgical clinics and hospitals.

  • 1992
    Front view MELAquick 12 quick steam sterilizer

    MELAquick 12. Top innovations for decontamination of handpieces.

    Since the early 1990s, leading hygienists and dental associations have been requesting that the manufacturers of sterilizers develop procedures for the rapid sterilization of dental handpieces. With the MELAquick 12, MELAG is the first European manufacturer to offer a safe procedure for the sterilization of unwrapped or wrapped handpieces in just six minutes. Thanks to its short operating times, simple operation, space-saving concept and reliability, MELAquick 12 became an important element of dental hygiene.

  • 1985
    Front view MELAG Autoclave 30 EPS

    MELAG Autoclave 30 EPS. Autoclaves now with electronic process monitoring.

    While conventional steam sterilizers still have what is known as a time switch to control the sterilization process, for the first time MELAG is relying on electronic parameter control (EPC) of the sterilization process, enabling the full documentation of the sterilization process by means of an integrated interface. The previously patented “aqua split” system is used in the Autoclave 30 EPS which, unlike in the case of other procedures, always enables the use of freshly demineralised water for sterilization.

  • 1955
    Diagonal view autoclave Type 150

    Steam autoclave type 150. MELAG - quality now in autoclaves too.

    Steam sterilizers (autoclaves) were predominantly found in the hospital sector at this time. With the innovative steam autoclave type 150, MELAG made the sterilization technology, which is gentle on instruments because of its low temperature, available to private medical and dental practices too. Equipped with an innovative quick pressure releasesystem, the type 150 also has better options when it comes to instrument drying.

  • 1951
    Side view hot air sterilizer Type C1

    Hot air sterilizer type C1. Compact and reliable. The journey starts.

    In an era in which the “boiling” of instruments in hot water was still very much the standard, the hot air sterilizer was deemed to be an innovative and above all safe alternative for the sterilization of instruments in practices and hospitals. The hot air sterilizer type C1 developed shortly after the company was founded was established as a highly reliable alternative to the competitor products on the market at the time.

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