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Instrument reprocessing in dentistry

MELAG system solutions with Careclave for dental, OMFS and orthodontic clinics

Dental offices and clinics have high requirements for infection control. They need reliable and safe instrument decontamination to ensure the best-possible level of protection for patients and clinic team alike, whilst ensuring efficient workflows, rapid instrument availability and saving resources.

With MELAG system solutions and the worldwide unique 4-in-1 solution Careclave, we offer you a fully coordinated process for instrument reprocessing:

  1. Cleaning and disinfection of instruments for over 45 patients (per cycle) with the innovative MELAtherm 10 Evolution thermodisinfector.
    Are you looking for a solution to prepare complex hollow-body instruments RKI-compliant for the next treatment? Then discover the globally unique advantages of our 4-in-1 solution: Careclave guarantees the preparation and care of up to 200  handpieces, turbines and ultrasonic scaler tips in just one day in the practice.

  2. Packing of individual instruments with the MELAseal 200 compact validatable sealing device or instrument sets in MELAstore wash trays and sterilization containers.

  3. Steam sterilization of complex hollow body instruments in record time using a Class B autoclave of the superior Premium-Class Evolution or Careclave. The revolutionary chamber concept of Careclave allows simultaneous reprocessing of your transfer instruments and sterilization of additional instruments in the rear part of the chamber.

  4. Documentation and approval for complete and traceable proof of error-free instrument reprocessing with the software solutions MELAtrace and MELAtrace Pro.

Find out more about the unique advantages of MELAG products and their role in securing efficient instrument decontamination in dentistry:

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Instrument reprocessing in dental offices, practices and clinics:

The RKI-compliant reprocessing of  handpieces and turbines is a time-consuming and economic challenge in many dental practices. This is now a thing of the past! With our world innovation, we are fundamentally redefining the process of instrument reprocessing.

Experience the future of instrument reprocessing in just 30 minutes: Careclave combines cleaning, disinfection, care and sterilization in just one device. 

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Customer feedback from dental offices, practices and clinics

Delighting quality and innovation

Our priority is your satisfaction: Dental clinics throughout the world already benefit from the unique quality provided by MELAG – made in Germany. You can rely on the safe and innovative products incorporated in a MELAG System Solution for instrument reprocessing in dentistry.

Customer feedback from dental, OMFS and orthodontic clinics can be found in the reference section on our website:

Discover our references

Dental practice Lipp&Lutz

„We follow the wishes of our patients to have a specialist in every area of our practice. For this reason, we trust in Careclave - the specialist in instrument reprocessing - since 2019"

We have been using Careclave in our practice for over a year to ideally prepare our instruments for daily use.

Careclave was able to convince us right from the start with its modern device concept: The combination of cleaning & disinfection, sterilization, lubrication and documentation in just one device has only advantages for us. We have more space in the reprocessing room and, thanks to the short and efficient reprocessing cycles, we save a lot of time and, in the end, also money.

With Careclave, we meet the wishes of our discerning patients to have a specialist in every important area. Careclave is our specialist in instrument reprocessing and gives our patients the secure feeling of always being in the best hands.

Learn more about the reprocessing workflow with Careclave.

Dental Practice berliner MundArt

„We are there for our patients 7 days a week. Only for our patients! Because Careclave ensures time-saving reprocessing between the treatments.“

The entire practice team of berliner MundArt agrees: we can rely on Careclave 100% - 7 days a week! The innovative and holistic approach fits perfectly with our practice concept.

Cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and sterilization in just one device ensures standard compliant reprocessing, long-term value retention of the transmission instruments and at the same time gives us the most valuable resource in today's world: time that we can no longer spend in the reprocessing room, but with the individual treatment of our patients.

Convince yourself and learn more about the Careclave experience of the dental practice berliner MundArt.

Dentalzentrum Plus

„With 17 treatment rooms, you must rely on your practice team. The reliable reprocessing and lubrication of handpieces after every patient is a walkover with Careclave.“

For systematic treatment of our patients, we combine all specialists in dentistry under one roof. Since November 2019, this systematic approach has also been reflected in instrument reprocessing at our clinic in Charlottenburg: Careclave combines cleaning, disinfection, lubrication, sterilization and documentation in a single device.

However, Careclave scores not only with an innovative device concept, but also with the superior MELAG quality – made in Germany. For this reason, we have decided to equip further locations of Dentalzentrum Plus with Careclave for an optimal hygiene workflow.

Learn more about the technical and operational advantages of Careclave at Dentalzentrum Plus.

Instrument Reprocessing Workflow in Dental Clinic
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