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MELAcontrol Bowie & Dick Test

Test system according to EN ISO 11140-1 (type 2)

MELAcontrol Bowie & Dick Test is a test system according to EN ISO 11140-1 (type 2) for routine control of the steam penetration of your autoclave. The practical test package simulates a laundry package weighing several kilograms being sterilized in an autoclave with fractionated pre-vacuum. The successful color change of the indicator in the test package takes place at 134 °C after 3.5 min. 20 test packages are included in the scope of delivery.

The handling of the MELAcontrol Bowie & Dick test is very simple: Place the test package at the desired position in the load. Run the sterilization program and then check the result. With sufficient steam penetration, the indicator turns from yellow to black.

1. Inserting test

Place the MELAcontrol Bowie & Dick Test kit in the autoclave on the middle tray. Please perform the test without further loading.

2. Starting program

Please start the Bowie & Dick Test Program afterwards.

3. Removing test

When the sterilization program is finished, please remove the MELAcontrol Bowie & Dick Test kit. CAUTION: The load and test kit may be hot.

4. Checking indicator

Open the cooled test package at the flap and check the complete color change from yellow to black on the centered indicator.

5. Documenting results

Please document the result directly on the back of the indicator.

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