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Cooling Box

The turbo for the cooling process

With Careclave, your instruments are perfectly prepared for use on the next patient. After only 16 - 18 minutes, dental hollow-body instruments such as turbines, handpieces, prophylaxis instruments and ultrasonic scaler tips are cleaned, disinfected and dried.

To cool down these instruments, simply place the upper part of the Carebox in a side instrument holder or in a table holder. To make instruments available for the next treatment even faster, we recommend the use of an additional Cooling Box: With two programs, the cooling process of the instruments is ensured in only 4 minutes.

Careclave, Carebox and Coolingbox as a revolutionary system for instrument reprocessing
Insertion of a loaded Carebox cover into the Cooling Box
Coolingbox - angled view
Choice between two programs for the instrument cooling process
MELAG system solution for instrument reprocessing with Careclave, Carebox and Coolingbox
The faces behind Careclave
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